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Product description

Who have beard know it's common to use hair shampoo to wash the beard. Conventional shampoos are not made to come into direct contact with the face and mouth. They can dry the skin and dry the beard too. In addition, the beard goes through all environments and adventures of your day to day. It deserves to be treated better. The Beard Brasil shampoo bar was created especially to clean and hydrate the face and take care of the skin, besides taking care of the beard it is an excellent soap for the face as a whole.
Who should use?
Recommended for all sizes of beard and skin types. This shampoo bar was formulated to be very comfortable and hydrate in the perfect measurement. If you want a clean and fragrant beard this product is for you.

How to use:
- Apply the shampoo bar on your face, beard and neck already wet;
- Wash well;
- Dry with a towel.

Fragrance: Aloe vera

Doubts about the shampoo
01 - Why should I use a specific shampoo to beard?
Because conventional shampoos are not made to come in direct contact with the face and mouth. They can dry the skin and leave residues. The beard hair are different of normal hair, it dries easier. The beard is in contact with food, drink and with smoke during the day. It deserves special care and your skin as well.
02 – And if I just have a mustache?
The Beard Brasil shampoo bar is perfect to clean your mustache too. As you know, the mustache lives in contact with food and can accumulate fat and smell. So it's important to keep it clean and well hydrated.
03 – And who has short beard or just starting to cultivate?
When you stop shaving, the skin produces more dead cells. It usually stays between those who are growing and this can cause irritation. Wash your face often with Beard Brasil shampoo bar, it is an excellent way to avoid this problem. It has ingredients that remove dead skin cells and soft the hair that is growing. This helps prevent itching the first few weeks of growth.